About me

Petr Javorik is freelance quantitative analyst and programmer. He currently holds B.S. from Mendel University in Brno(CZ). In 2011 after a short career as CAD designer for one of the major airplane manufacturer he entered into a realm of alternative and algorithmic investments where he remains till now.
His area of interest is currently aimed to develop and implement statistical arbitrage strategies. Main tools he uses include Matlab, R, C++, Python and various Linux/Unix accessories.
During the algorithmic trader journey his passion for applied mathematics brought him additional analytical skills and tools in a field of statistics, econometrics, networking and programming which he constantly develops.

In free time he likes to backpacking, read Math/IT/Finance related books and papers, tune up his offroad rig and cook food for his two dogs.

What you will find on this blog?

  • Various analyses which I’m going through during the trading bots design.
  • Introduction to some statistical tools.
  • Algo-trade related MATLAB, R, Python and C++ code.

What you will not find on this blog?

  • Complete step by step algo-trade design.